Welcome to the IFFS (Institute of For, For-Goodness Sake). All members have
been identified and confirmed as those individuals or organisations that when,
you are being driven around the bend, those that know, will point you in the
direction of.

They are normally highly respected, experienced problem listeners and
solvers. You can expect good advice or to be forwarded in the direction of significant

You can expect them to have a network of trusted professionals that they
can recommend to you, if your problem falls outside there area of expertise.

As you might have picked up this is all mainly a fun way for those many
respected professionals to identify themselves from others.

Should you wish to be considered for membership of the IFFS please contact us.

Where to Start

Most IFFS members will be willing to listen to your problems for free over a cup of coffee.


The IFFS is a Sales and Marketing quality brand of Cloud Cortex Communications Ltd


New IFFS Logo

We are currently redesigning our IFFS logo and we are working with different AI solutions to assist us. We will update the site as soon as we have a good one.